Fraud Awareness


The Eswatini Bankers Association is an organization that focuses on partnering towards a strong financial sector that supports economic growth. EBA promotes strength, growth and sustainability in Eswatini’s economy by encouraging efforts to minimise fraud.

Safer Cyber Platforms in Eswatini


  • Do not click on links, icons or attachments in unsolicited e-mails or text messages. 
  • Do not believe the content of unsolicited emails blindly.

How to use your card safely on the internet/online purchasing 

  • Only make purchases with your credit/debit card on reputable websites that are verified as secure sites

Cellphone Banking

  • If you receive a phone call requesting personal information do not respond, just end the call.
  • Secure your phone content by using a PIN, Pattern or password to access your phone. Do not leave your phone unlocked.
  • If you think your PIN has been compromised, change it immediately and notify your bank on all unknown transactions on your account.

Change of bank account details scam 

  • Never act on an email notifying you of a change in banking details of suppliers without verifying from a known contact.
  • Ensure that your company’s private information is not disclosed to third parties who are not entitled to receive it, or third parties whose identities cannot be rightfully verified.

ATM Fraud

  • Never accept help from a stranger. He may say things like, “This machine is slow, if you punch-in your PIN again it will go faster”, and then watch you.
  • Make sure you have your Bank cancellation numbers on your phone in order to call immediately you suspect anything on your card.
  • When travelling outside the country, make sure your cellphone is on roaming to receive notifications on your account.